Potato Balls Salad



Potatoes: 6 pieces (boiled)

Cucumber: 4 pieces (diced)

Tomatoes: 3 grains (diced)

Lettuce: 1 cup (chopped)

Watercress: Bundle (small clip)

Carrots: 3 grains (grated)

Green onions: 1 stick (small chopped)

Corn: a can

Red kidney beans: 1 can

Black olives: 12 cup (chopped)

Green olives: 12 cup (chopped)

Salt: pinch

Cheese: 1 tablespoon (liquid)

Lemon juice: 2 tsp

Ready ranch dressing: 2 tablespoons (and French sauce / for garnish)

How to prepare

Chop the vegetables and mix with the two types of olives, beans and corn.

Sprinkle salt and mix the ingredients with lemon juice.

Mash the potatoes, cream cheese, salt, and curry the potatoes into small balls.

Arrange them on top of the vegetables and sprinkle with stripes of the ranch dressing mixture and French sauce, and serve immediately.

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