Best steak Marinade in existence

  Grills are one of the most desirable and favorite meals for the majority of people, due to their variety, delicious taste, and high nutritional value, and it is the basic meal on trips and outings, at banquets, and restaurants, as it is a dish rich in protein, vitamins, and with a good amount of fat, in addition to mineral elements Rich in various meats; Like lamb, beef or chicken, it is cooked in a healthy way and served as a main meal for lunch or dinner.

* Preparing the marinade:

+ Ingredients :

° Small spoon salt.

° Crusheed black pepper.

° A tsp honey.

° 2 tsp lemon juice

° A spoonful lemon zest.

° 1 horse crushed garlic.

° A small spoon mixed spices.

° A small spoon crushed chili.

° A tablespoon oregano.

° A teaspoo olive oil / soft butter.

* How to prepare the marinade:

 Add salt, black pepper, mixed spices, chili, crushed garlic, oregano and lemon zest and mix them well in a plate. Mix the oil with lemon juice, then add it to the spices and mix the ingredients well. Put the steak pieces in the marinade and put them in the refrigerator for at least six hours before starting the grilling process, so that the seasoning takes on the taste.


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