Zebra cake

 Let ‘s talk about a zebra cake, its a zebra cake and its a zebra cake, and literally a cake with a zebra, and it’s the lightest, most fluffy vanilla chocolate sponge you will ever see in your life.

It will be great, it will take some scooping, some grinding,

but we will end up with the most perfect marble zebra cake.

Starting by screwing a basic meal through

a bowl to produce a very light batter.

A table of baking powder add the sugar in the sifted flour, and beautifully mix the dry ingredients.

We have milk, oil and the cake doesn’t need any other fat, break 4 eggs and add to the liquid ingredients for the wet ingredients.

Give them a quick blend, apply the extract of vanilla and give it a final whisk.

Just into the middle of the dry ingredients, add the wet ingredients and start working those wet ingredients slowly but steadily into the dry ingredients and leave with a good batter.

Aren’t running, yet this is a great batter to be used with a lot of other cake and we’ll experience it with the inclusion of a little chocolate powder.

Break the mixture in a bowl and blend well until you have a smooth, thick and dark batter in a cacao powder in one of the bowls.

And now we are going to mix the two in a cake

stuffed with parchment paper. You have a light batter and a dark batter.

Two ice cream scoops, one for vanilla and one for chocolates blend, are in

the middle of the baking pan and then take a scoop from the chocolate mixture.

Simply work them one by one before you do.

You are now set for the oven and we’ll bake it up

before it grows easily, and it comes clean if you put a skewer.

When the cake is cooked, extract the cake from the oven and leave to cool.

If you’re eager, you might end up with a glaze,

but really, it’s a damp cake and a lovely material.

the complements;

Self-living 350g of meal

Cocoa powder of

2 1⁄2 tbsp.

2 tsp powder baking

Castor sugar

300 g

4 large

chickens, beaten free-range


Oil 300ml

Milk 300ml

Extract 1 tsp of vanilla


To 180oC/350F / Gas

Mark 4 Preheat the furnace.

Grate a deep cake tray with a

removable base and parchment paper line 23cm/9′′ round.

Sift the meal into a

large bowl and bread flour.

Apply the sugar

and blend it well.

In a large jug and

whisk together the wet ingredients.

Carry the dry ingredients to the middle

of the well and pour into jug material.

Conduct hand-in – hand or electric

hand mixers until the mixture is smooth.

Take 1⁄2 of the paste and bring the cocoa

powder into the second cup, sift it and blend easily.

Now placed the vanilla blend in the

center of the tin with a tablespoon.

Then put a chocolate bubble in the

center of the vanilla with a clean tablespoon.

Keep doing this and switch between vanilla and chocolate, the entire mix

will be stretched out on the base each time you add a glob.

When all cake mixes were done, they only

had to hit the edge of the tin.

2 ice cream scoops if you’ve

got them are perfect to do this.

Bake until rested and securely

to touch for 90 minutes.

Remove from the oven and cool until

fully cool before moving to a wire rack.

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