Easy White Forest Cake


150 g Flour

150 g Sugar


15 cl Milk

1 sachet Baking powder

100 g White chocolate

100 g For decoration

300 g Cherries, pitted

50 g Sugar

75 cl Liquid cream

5 cl Kirsch

Calories = High

Preparation steps

Preheat the oven to 176 ° C (th 6).

Grate the white chocolate. Stew ¾ of the cherries with 50 g of sugar for 10 minutes then set aside.

In a food processor, whip the yolks with the 150 g of sugar for 5 min then add the flour in rain little by little delicately. Then add the yeast and milk.

Whip the egg whites into snow then incorporate them delicately into the preparation then do the same with the white chocolate. Pour the preparattion into a buttered and floured round mold and bake for 30 min.

Unmould then let cool on a rack. After this time, whip the cream to a firm whipped cream then set aside in the fridge. Mix the kirsch with a little water then cut the sponge cake in 3 and soak it in syrup.

On the 1st layer of sponge cake, distribute half of cherry compote then 1/3 of whipped cream, and place the second sponge cake. Repeat the operation then cover the entire preparation with the remaining whipped cream.

Distribute the rest of the white chocolate over the entire surface of the cake then decorate with the rest of the cherries. Reserve at least 1/5 hour in the fridge before tasting.

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