Stuffed mini donut

Stuffed mini donut

Stuffed mini donuts... Donuts are one of the most Western recipes that children and adults accept. Serve mini donuts stuffed with Nutella chocolate on your trip with my lady's kitchen and in health and wellness 

cooking time

60 minutes

enough for

6 people


- Flour: 3 and a half cups

- Eggs: 1 piece

- Butter: 3 tablespoons (room temperature)

- Sugar: 3 tablespoons

- Powdered sugar: half a cup

- Salt: a quarter of a teaspoon

- Instant yeast: a tablespoon and a half

Milk: a cup (warm)

- Vanilla extract: a teaspoon

- Vegetable oil: 4 cups

- Nutella chocolate: a cup and a half (spread)

How to prepare

Mix flour, yeast, sugar and salt in a bowl until all ingredients are combined.

Add butter, eggs, milk and vanilla extract to the dry ingredients and stir to obtain a cohesive dough.

Using plastic wrap, cover the dough and set it aside to rest.

Dip the hand in the flour, then form equal-sized balls of dough and arrange them on a plate.

In a saucepan over medium heat with boiling oil, fry the doughnut balls until they become golden in color.

Drain the donut balls on paper towels in a plate.

By means of a confectionery syringe, the donut is stuffed through its thread in each piece.

Sprinkle icing sugar after the filling is finished.


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