Bacha With Cocoa Bite


The Basha with Cocoa Bites or the Sultan Bites are easy and delicious desserts that do not need an oven. They consist of milk, flour, cocoa and others stuffed with cream in the form of rolls served cold.

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Total time: 35 minutes


liter of milk

a cup of flour

sugar cup

4 tablespoons cocoa

A tablespoon and a half of butter

vanilla spoon


For the filling :

cold milk cup

Cream of Chantilly

How to prepare

In a saucepan we put milk, flour, sugar and cocoa and beat them on the cold, then bring them to a boil over the fire while continuing to stir.

Add the butter and vanilla and continue stirring until the texture becomes thick, then remove them from the heat.

In the mold, we sprinkle the layer of coconut, then pour the mixture over them, extend it to an evenness, and then cool it for two hours.

In the meantime, we prepare the filling, where we put a cup of cold milk with Chantilly cream and beat them to get a cream.

Spread the cream on the face of the mixture that we prepared and cooled, then cut it and roll each piece in the form of small rolls.

In this way and steps, we have finished preparing our dish, health and here.

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