◾️200g butter (room temperature)

◾️120g sugar 

◾️280g wheat flour

◾️1 teaspoon vanilla essence


◾️In a bowl start by mixing the butter with the sugar. 

(Remember that butter must be at room temperature in order to work well with it.)

◾️Once mixed, add in the teaspoon of vanilla essence.

◾️We continue with the sifted flour. Run the flour through a sinker before putting it into the bowl, and blend it in pretty well. 

◾️Now it's time to shape them up. The easiest thing is to make a roll with the help of paper film and put it in the fridge for 1 hour or so. 

◾️From there on, we'll be "cutting slices" of more or less 1 cm and baking them.

◾️Put them in a cut oven tray and bake them at 180° for about 11-12 minutes. 

◾️The moment we see the edges starting to gold we take them out, even it's still soft.

◾️Consume your butter cookies with joy. 


I love you all ♥πŸ’•πŸ˜

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