Tomato and sweet pepper omelette


I always love tomatoes all the time, but most of them are in the summer with sweet or hot peppers, and I like a lot of tomato and sweet pepper omelette with hot pepper because it gives a wonderful flavor and a very delicious taste, and through this recipe I wanted to share with you this delicious summer dish, I hope To satisfy you.

 Tomato and sweet pepper omelette


 1 kilo tomato

 1/2 kg sweet pepper

 1 hot pepper

 3 eggs




 How to prepare:

 We cut the sweet pepper into small square pieces, as well as the hot pepper together

 Put some salt

 Put the peppers in a frying pan with a little oil and let them fry over a low heat.

 When we notice that the pepper has started to melt and has acquired a slightly golden color, we put the tomato pieces cut into small pieces on top of the pepper.

 Cut the garlic into small pieces or scrape it, and put it on top of the mixture.

 When you notice that the omelette is starting to dry out of the water a little, crack three eggs as in the picture

 Let it cook slowly.

 Then turn off the stove and enjoy a delicious taste and bon appetit.

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