Somewhere along the way, I didn't get to grips with the fact that cleaning the washing machine had to be done regularly - and now it's not, like, ever. I understand that the cleaning soap in detergents supplies it very easily, and why doesn't everyone do that? oops.

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Keep your washer and dryer in tip-top shape with these easy tips.

The problem is that scrubbing soap and metallic residue in commonly used detergents can build up in your washing machine, and over time, you may notice that your clothes don't look as easy as they used to. I simply started to feel uncomfortable. And here I came to wondering that I might have switched to stuffing too many clothes into the equal load and no longer letting the rinse cycle run efficiently.

I looked around and noticed several special ways to make it easier to use a high-load washing machine, but one of the tutorials and step-by-step approach seemed easy, inexpensive, and doable.

How to facilitate the shower machine

Advanced shower tool cleaning starts with the most effective cutting*:

° 1 liter of bleach (many tutorials have been done without the bleach step, in case you're worried about harsh sellers using laundry detergent)

° 1 liter of white vinegar

* Some of you may be wondering: But wait, isn't it always a risk to combine bleach and vinegar? The solution is yes, but now we can't confuse the . Continue reading…

washing machine disinfection

Fill an empty washer with warm water, as in the case of washing a large amount of laundry.

Add a quart of bleach and let the washing machine run fully for one minute to combine the bleach with the water.

Open the top of the showerhead and let it sit for an hour, all bleached and filled.

When the clock stops, close the lid and allow the machine to run a full cycle. (The water will drain all of the bleach, so there may be no risk of it combining with the vinegar.)

When you are executed, start over. This time, while the washer is filled with warm water, add 1/4 of white vinegar to the water and down the bleach channel.

Leave the machine running for a minute to stir in the water and vinegar. After that minute, open the top of the device and allow the new water to sit down inside the sink for an hour before the cycle is complete.

After cleaning the sink, spray the gaskets, diffusers, and outside of the machine doors with an answer of the same items vinegar and water. Wipe the entire assembly with an easy cloth.

Not only was this method more effective at making the basement smell fresh, but I also noticed a huge difference in how the inside of the tank felt. Soft and easy, like after exfoliating your face, it's not hard to touch up tough water spots and clean up soap buildup. Plus, the most effective it took about 2 hours and a lot less than $3.

Now you have brainwashed, right ?

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