Tuna cake with toast

 Tuna cake with toast

 Tuna cake with toast is one of the wonderful and popular recipes for everyone that is light on the stomach. It consists of toast pieces stuffed with tuna and vegetables and covered with labneh and mayonnaise.

 Preparation time: 20 minutes

 Cooking time:

 Total time: 20 minutes


 Whole bag of toast

 2 cans of tuna

 chopped tomato

 Two green and red bell peppers, finely chopped

 Pickled Cucumber

 Two grated carrots

 olive slices

 Two tablespoons of mayonnaise

 salt to taste

 pepper pinch

 squeeze of lemon

 To cover:

 Labneh cup

 Two tablespoons of mayonnaise

 mustard spoon

 squeeze of lemon

 pinch of salt

 pepper pinch

 dried mint

 How to prepare

 First we prepare the covering layer, put in a bowl the labneh, mayonnaise, mustard, lemon juice, salt, pepper and mint, mix and set aside.

 Cut and grate the vegetables, prepare them and set them aside.

 We prepare the filling in a bowl. We put the tuna after filtering it from the oil, and on top of it each of the tomatoes, capsicum, pickled cucumbers, olives, carrots, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and lemon juice and mix them well.

 In a plate we put a layer of toast, then a filling, then a layer of toast, then a filling, and on top of a layer of toast, and cover it with the covering mixture that we prepared from the labneh and mayonnaise.

 We cut the tuna cake according to taste and in this easy way and without cooking, our recipe is finished, we present it and it is healthy and here.

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