Costontino tarida


Ingredients [6 people]


1 kg semolina 




500 g mutton 

2 onions cut into large pieces 

50 g butter 

 Half a cup of oil 

 tablespoon tomato paste 

150g chickpeas soaked in water 

 Half spoon of red pepper 

 Half spoon coriander 

 Half spoon of black pepper 




Knead the flour and water with a pinch of salt for 25 minutes until we get a cohesive and soft dough. Divide the dough into balls, then flatten the dough on an area sprinkled with flour and roll it out with a rolling pin and divide it into small circles.

Put it in a frying pan greased with oil and leave it on the fire until it turns red. After it cools, cut it into small pieces.

We put the dough in a special bowl (couscous) and when we notice the rise of steam, we pull out the dough and sprinkle it with water and oil and repeat the process twice.


Put all the ingredients and let it cook, adding a little water until the meat is done.


We pour the tarida into a serving dish, pour the broth over it, and decorate its surface with pieces of meat and chickpeas.

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