Banana & Honey-Cough-Remedy


Banana & Honey-Cough-Remedy

Nowadays, people have become so impatient and relaxed that they throw themselves at the medicine boxes as soon as they feel the slightest pain.Unfortunately, these drugs deemed effective and advantageous for our health are only a double part sword that does more damage to us than advantages.

Ingredients :

two t organic honey.

two organic bananas.

four hundred ml water.


How preparing honey banana, natural remedy for cough and bronchitis

Peel the banana and mash it with a fork.

boiling water, also adding bananas.

Stirring for a minutes, removing pan from the heat also let cool for thirty minutes.

Add the honey and mix until you get a soft cream.

Take for one hundred ml of this mixture four times a day.Warnings: Pregnant and sensitive women and people with special medical care should not try this prescription without consulting a doctor.

If the symptoms persist, it is strongly recommended to consult a specialist to reveal the true causes of your disease, and to benefit from a treatment adapted to your condition.

Enjoy !

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