Best Pecan Balls


Whip up a holiday favorite with this fast and simple recipe for Easy Pecan Balls that can be drizzled with melted chocolate or rolled in confectioners’ sugar.

There are dozens upon dozens of holiday cookies around these parts, but one obvious classic missing from the roundup is good ol’ pecan balls. I have to admit I am new to this delightfully easy confection, however one taste of these bite-sized sweets sent me back to a very distinct culinary memory: Mexican Wedding Cookies!

The ingredient lists for both recipes are nearly identical, and the resulting cookies are absolute twinsies in the taste and consistency departments. The lack of eggs yields a much drier cookie, so if you’ve never had Pecan Balls (or Mexican Wedding Cookies), don’t be alarmed!

While crumbly in texture, the taste couldn’t be more buttery or nutty. Because the ingredient lineup is so simple, the flavor of the pecans (and a hint of vanilla) really shines through.

When it comes to dressing up these bite-sized beauties, you can opt for two embellishments:

A drizzle of melted chocolate (any variety, but milk chocolate is my fave for this recipe)

A quick roll in confectioners’ sugar (most similar, again, to Mexican Wedding Cookies)

No matter how you decorate them, these Easy Pecan Balls are a holiday staple guaranteed to add nutty flavor and buttery bite to your cookie lineup. And for more sweet treats, don’t miss my top-rated cookie recipes for Marshmallow Christmas Wreaths, Soft and Chewy Ginger Cookies, Gingerbread Cookie Cups and more.


2 sticks of margarine.

4 tbsps of sugar.

2 cups of chopped pecans.

2 cups of flour.

2 tsps of vanilla.


In a bowl, mix all of the ingredients using your hand and roll into balls.

In a preheated oven to 350°, bake for 25 to 30 minutes.

Once lightly browned, roll in the powdered sugar while still hot, and again when cooled.

Easy, peasy and sweet! I personally don’t use a lot of powdered sugar. I just sprinkle some over the top. But the original recipe is to roll the biscuits in the powdered sugar! Try it yourselves and let me know what you think.

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