Despacito and no cooler in an easy way

 Despacito and no cooler in an easy way 👌

 How to prepare 🍒🍒

 First we put in a casserole half a liter of milk + 3 tablespoons of sugar + 3 tablespoons of brown cocoa + a pinch of salt + 2 tablespoons of large and half a frying pan. We stir them well and put them over a medium heat until the mixture becomes complex. We turn it off and add a tablespoon of chocolate coating + a teaspoon Vanilla and put the mixture in a bowl, cover it with transparencies and put in the freezer until it cools completely

 On the one hand, we put 3 eggs + a teaspoon of Nescafe + a pinch of salt + vanilla + half a cup of sugar + half a cup of oil + half a cup of milk and beat them with an electric mixer, then add a cup and a half of a frying pan + 3 tablespoons of cocoa + Baki chemical yeast and mix and put the mixture In a mall and we put it in the oven at a temperature of 160 degrees and then we take it out and pour a cup of milk with a teaspoon of sugar + a teaspoon of Nescafe and we take out a cream from the freezer and add 2 tablespoons of shunti + a teaspoon of butter and we hit it with an electric mixer and we settle it over the cream and decorate it With chocolate lines, health and wellness ❤️

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