How to clean and deglaze the oven with the pot method


Cleaning the oven: a task we all dread. The built-up grease and crusty food residues make this household chore seem nearly impossible without the assistance of store-bought oven cleaners. But what if there was a safer, more natural alternative? Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to a greener approach!

Why You Should Rethink Your Oven Cleaner

While many commercial oven cleaners prove effective in eliminating stubborn grime, they're often loaded with chemicals that might not be the safest around our food. Breathing in these chemicals and potentially having them mix with our meals is a health risk we don't need to take.

Natural Oven Cleaning Solution

This eco-friendly method not only guarantees a clean oven but also ensures that you're not introducing harmful substances to your cooking space. Let's dive into the steps:


1 pot (suitable for baking)


1/2 glass of vinegar

Juice of 1 lemon


Preparation: Grab a pot that can withstand high oven temperatures. Typically, ceramic, soapstone, cast iron, or stainless steel pots work best for this method.

Mixing the Solution: Fill your chosen pot with water. Add the vinegar and fresh lemon juice. This blend will serve a dual purpose: The steam will assist in softening the grime, and the lemon and vinegar will neutralize any lingering odors.

Baking: Preheat your oven to 250 degrees. Place the pot inside and let it do its magic for 30 minutes.

Cleaning: Once the time's up, switch off your oven and allow it to cool slightly. While it's still warm (but not hot), use a cloth or sponge to wipe away the now-loosened dirt and grime. You'll be surprised at how effortlessly the residues come off!

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