DIY Heavy Duty Cleaner For Every Surface.


This lockdown has propelled us into embracing tasks that might not typically be our first choice. Take, for example, floor cleaning. Yes, I clean my floors, but perhaps not as often as recommended because, let's be frank, it's not my favorite. At least now I've discovered a heavy-duty floor cleaner that lessens the burden somewhat.

My kitchen tends to be quite manageable. I appreciate my wood laminate floors for their convenience - a damp paper towel usually does the trick. However, the bathrooms? That’s a whole different saga.

Living in a male-dominated household, anyone familiar with young boys knows that distinctive "boy bathroom smell." It’s almost as if it’s embedded in the walls! Even after diligently wiping down every surface and scrubbing the floor hands-and-knees style, that stubborn odor lingers, wafting through the house like a disagreeable, grouchy version of a fragranced room freshener. But hope emerges in the form of this floor cleaner!

The recipe, sourced from, is crafted for industrial-level cleaning, akin to the demands of a commercial kitchen, where it’s tasked with cutting through grease. It worked wonders on my kitchen floor, but the description caught my eye for an unexpected reason – it "smells amazing."

Using ammonia-based cleaners like Pine-Sol in the bathroom seems to amplify the urine smell rather than dispel it. Why resort to expensive and harsh chemicals when there’s an alternative? With this cleaner, my bathroom now smells divine and the floors sparkle – even if only momentarily.

Heavy-Duty Floor Cleaner


The following recipe is designed specifically for heavy-duty floor cleaning, particularly in high-traffic areas like commercial kitchens. This homemade cleaner is highly effective at cutting through grease, and it also worked wonders on my own kitchen floor.

What's more, the cleaner emits a refreshing scent, a stark contrast to typical commercial floor cleaners like Pine-Sol or ammonia-based ones that tend to amplify unwanted odors.

1/4 cup of white vinegar

1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap (Blue Dawn is particularly recommended due to its exceptional cleaning power.)

1/4 cup of washing soda (This is easily accessible in the laundry section of most grocery stores.)

2 gallons of tap water, preferably warm


Start by gathering all the ingredients and a large bucket.

Pour all of the ingredients into the bucket.

Mix them together thoroughly until a soapy solution is achieved.

Apply the solution liberally to the area you want to clean, using a mop to spread and scrub.

There is no need to rinse the floor after mopping. However, for a pristine finish, you can wipe down the cleaned area with a dry towel.

Please note that this heavy-duty cleaner is not advisable for waxed floors as it may cause the wax coating to clump and deteriorate.

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