Mix bananas, honey and water!


Looking for a natural remedy to soothe a scratchy throat, calm a persistent cough, or ease stomach troubles? Try this homemade banana drink—it's a simple and natural solution that may provide the relief you're seeking.

Here's a straightforward recipe to create this soothing drink:

You'll need:

450 ml of freshly boiled water

2 medium-sized ripe bananas (look for ones with spots for optimal ripeness)

2 tablespoons of honey

Ready to make this healthful concoction? Let’s get started:

Preparation Steps:

Begin by peeling the bananas and mashing them with a wooden spoon or fork. A little tip: Avoid using metal utensils as they can cause the bananas to discolor.

Place the mashed bananas into a pot and cover them with the boiled water. Allow this mixture to infuse for about 25 to 30 minutes.

Once the mixture has cooled down, stir in the honey. If you prefer a smooth texture, feel free to strain the mixture.

Remember to add the honey once the mixture has cooled to preserve its beneficial properties.

Serving Suggestion:

Drink 150 ml of this homemade remedy three times a day, which sums up to a total of 450 ml daily. Prepare it fresh each morning for the best results, and you may start noticing improvements in as little as five days.

Embrace the power of natural remedies and enjoy the benefits they can offer!

Enjoy your drink!

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