smell of a rich man’s house!!


Create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort in your home with this homemade blend that leaves your space smelling like a rich man's house. This fragrant, sweet scent is easy to make and adds a refined, delicate aroma to any room, offering a unique olfactory experience. Here's how to prepare this special blend.


200 grams of coarse salt

3 tablespoons of 70-degree alcohol (rubbing alcohol)

1 dose of fabric softener concentrate

Cloves (quantity as per your preference)

1 glass jar (capable of holding 200 grams of coarse salt)


Mix Ingredients:

In the glass jar, combine the coarse salt, 70-degree alcohol, and fabric softener concentrate.

Stir the mixture well to ensure all ingredients are fully incorporated.

Add Cloves:

Place cloves on top of the mixture, adjusting the quantity according to your taste.

Place the Jar:

Set the jar in your desired location or room to spread the fragrance.

This homemade scent blend is designed to create a friendly and comforting atmosphere, transforming your home into a peaceful sanctuary. The rich, sweet aroma is perfect for making your space feel warm and welcoming. Enjoy the luxurious smell that this unique blend brings to your home!

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