Breads stuffed with vegetables and cheese

  Breads stuffed with vegetables and cheese

 Ingredients for creams with vegetables and cheese:

 The dough:

 3 cups flour

 - A quarter cup of oil.

 4 tablespoons of powdered milk with yogurt (meaning yogurt).

 - salt.

 - 1 tablespoon of baking yeast.

 Warm water for kneading and the amount according to the mixture.


 - tomato sauce.

 Chopped onions.

 A little more oil.

 2 tomatoes, chopped

 - Salt and black pepper.

 Roasted green bell peppers.

 Grated cheese.

 Chopped green olives.

  How to prepare breads stuffed with vegetables and cheese:

 - Put the flour in a bowl and mix with salt, yeast, milk powder and oil, then add water gradually while kneading until you get a soft, smooth dough that is covered and left to ferment.

 Fry the onions in oil until wilted, then add the tomatoes with salt and spices and mix a little, then leave to cool.

 Cut the dough into small balls. Spread it and stuff it with a little tomato sauce, green pepper, olives and a little cheese.

 Then the dough is closed and rolled up well.

 - Stuffed dough balls are stacked in an oven tray, brushed with egg yolk, and decorated as desired.

 - Then cook in an oven preheated by 190 degrees, until soft and fermented.

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