Slice of Heaven Cake ~Cake mix, caramel topping, condensed milk, cool whip, 5 candy bars? I bet you have them all! Want a treat, to satisfy your sweet tooth and not have to go shopping? These are items I stock pie for my pantry when the buy 10 for $10 sales are running. So easy to throw together (yeah I say that a lot), but it is true! Add eggs and water to the cake throw it in the oven, and then just start adding the good stuff on top. Don’t you just love those one bowl recipes? You can be serving in under an hour and that is something we all love! Great for that last minute contribution to a party or when you get unexpected guests.


1 package devil’s food chocolate cake or german choc. cake mix

1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk

1 jar caramel topping

1 8oz tub cool whip

4-5 snickers bar (my preference) you can use skor, heathbar, or mini reeses


Bake the cake according to directions in 9×13 inch pan. Cool for 5 minutes, using the handle of a wooden spoon poke holes into cake, then let cake cool for abit about an 1/2 hour til warm. Slowly pour sweetened milk over cake, letting it soak into holes, then drizzle caramel over the cake.

Let cake cool completely (you may refrigerate it to cool faster just cover well). Top cake with cool whip, decorate with candy & drizzle with caramel!

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