Fresh Strawberry Pie


*Ingredients / for 6 people

°1 shortcrust pastry.
°500g fresh strawberries
°120 g unsalted butter
°120g caster sugar
°130g sifted flour
°200g ground almonds
°1 egg
°2 packets of vanilla sugar
°1 jar of "homemade" strawberries

* Methods :

Heat oven 200°C thermostat 7. Put the dough in a buttered pie plate. Sprinkle fine semolina at the bottom of the pie (to absorb the liquids).
2In a bowl, mix: the egg, the melted butter, the flour, the sugar, the ground almonds, the 2 sachets of vanilla sugar.
Pour batter into batter. Lower the oven: at 180°C thermostat 6 for 15 minutes and at 150°C thermostat 5 for 15 minutes.
4Once lukewarm put the half-strawberries cut in 2 on the cooked pie, brush with strawberry jam put in the microwave.
To finish
Put in the oven still hot for 5 minutes. Leave to cool in the air. To serve.
Cook, savor… then if you wish, share / drop (below) your opinion on this recipe.

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