The classic Southern Tomato Sandwich is about as simple as it gets! Don’t let the summer pass you by without indulging in this delicious lunch or easy dinner recipe. You only need 5 minutes, plus some white bread, mayonnaise, ripe tomatoes and fresh basil!

That’s right, I’m giving you permission to take the night off from cooking and serve a Tomato Sandwich for dinner! When the blazing heat of summer is beating down on us, turning on the oven or standing over the stove just doesn’t sound appealing. Instead, take advantage of the season’s most delicious fresh produce and whip up a tray of these easy tomato sandwiches for a light and tasty meal in minutes.

CLASSIC TOMATO SANDWICHMmmmm, this childhood favorite never grows old !!This Classic Toasted Tomato Sandwich will be your go-to choice for a sandwich during the hot summer months !!


#For the Sandwich:

– White bread: 4 slices

– Beefsteak tomato: 1 large

– Dukes Mayo (to taste): 2-4 TBSP

– Kosher Salt

– Cracked Pepper

* This recipe yields about 2 Sandwiches


1. To start off the recipe, go ahead and slice tomato into medium-thick slices; set aside.

2. After that, you need to spread mayonnaise (generously) onto each slice of bread.

3. Make sure tomato slices are layered onto a single slice of bread. You can then sprinkle generously with salt and pepper, to taste.

4. At this stage, you’ll want to add the final slice of bread on top to make your sandwich & ENJOY !!!

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