Recipe for pancakes!



°2 ripe bananas

°1 C. powdered sugar

°2 tablespoons milk

°1 egg

°3 tbsp flour

°2 pinches cinnamon powder

°25g butter

°1 C. oil soup

°1 pinch salt



Peel the bananas, mash them with a fork. Mix with the sugar.


In a bowl, beat the whole egg, add the flour, salt, milk and cinnamon. Beat well and add the banana purée. Stir.


In a skillet, heat the oil with the butter. Pour 1 tablespoon of banana paste into the skillet, stir to evenly distribute.


Turn the pancake when the first side is golden brown. Continue this way until the batter runs out.


You can burn pancakes with rum.

Enjoy !

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