Strawberry pie recipe


*Ingredients you need:

•Pie crust - refrigerated, frozen, or homemade


•Strawberry jello

•Corn Starch



•whipped cream

This sounds very easy, right? Well, that's because it is. We like using frozen or refrigerated pie crust because it makes things simpler here, but you can definitely make your own for this recipe.

Strawberry pie is such a fresh and delicious dessert that we literally make it like once a month in the spring and summer. Now it doesn't have to be really seasonal, because I honestly don't need anything spiced.

I like to grill in twinter, it's hard to using a grill in knee-deep snow, so we invested in an indoor smokeless grill that works wonders.

So my guess is if you're craving it, don't rely on the season to dictate what you eat!

Enjoy !

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