3 eggs

1 plain yogurt

1 measure of mild olive oil yogurt

2 measures of sugar yogurt

3 measures of flour yogurt

1 packet of yeast

200 ml of whipping cream

Jam In this case strawberry

100 grams of dark chocolate

For the coverage:

200 gr of couverture chocolate

100 ml of liquid cream


1. In a bowl we put the eggs and sugar and beat.

2. Add the yogurt, flour and oil and beat again.

3. Add the yeast envelope and stir with a spatula.

4. In the microwave, we melt the dark chocolate with a little butter and incorporate it into the mix. We integrate well with enveloping movements.

5. With the oven preheated, we bake 20 minutes at 120ΒΊ and between 10 and 15 minutes at 150ΒΊ.

6. While it is baking, we mount the cream with a little sugar (to taste) and reserve in the fridge.

7. Once the cake is made and cooled, we split it in half and spread one side with jam and put the whipped cream on the other.

8. We close the cake.


10. In a microwave container (we can also do it in a water bath), we melt the chocolate and cream.

11. Cover the cake with the chocolate coating

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