The perfect dessert for the weekend


"When I arrived in Australia over twenty years ago, I become blown away with the aid of using this country's love of right chocolate pudding. Sticky date pudding with a delicious lemon-caramel sauce! In a book by vintage kitchen.

The delicious dessert makes every occasion something special. Celebrate with cookies, cakes, ice cream and more!

Make an appointment with your sofa to make the most of the good-natured comfort of this delicious sticky date version of our recipe.

This interesting dessert is easy to prepare: just put it in a blender and put it in the fridge.


+For the cream:

°3 boxes of milk cream

°2 cans sweetened condensed milk

°2 sachets of passion fruit juice powder or flavor of your choice

+For the ganache:


°1 box of milk cream

°200 grams of chopped dark chocolate

* Methods:



In a blender, mix the cream of milk, the sweetened condensed milk and the fruit juice powder.

Mixing ingredients for 5 mn to smooth & creamy.

Take a glass dish and evenly spread the cream mixture on it.



In bowl, putting chopped dark chocolate & melt it in bain-marie or in microwave. If use a microwave, heat in 30 sec intervals to avoid burning, stir in between.

Adding milk cream to melted chocolate also mix well to you get shiny ganache.

Cover the prepared cream with chocolate ganache, spreading it evenly over the surface.

Placing candy in the fridge for at least an h to allow it to set & thicken.

When the time is up, take the dessert out of the fridge.

Serving frozen dessert and savor delicious flavors this wonderful meal!

Enjoy satisfaction of making a foolproof dessert that is sure to impress !

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