How to remove embarrassing bad plaque from your teeth and make them super white


Different products help you maintain your teeth. Here are some natural tricks to keep a smile in great shape:

Sodium bicarbonate for white and clean teeth: this natural component helps you reduce dental plaque, thanks to its ph and to cleanse your whole mouth. To be used once a week. It can be combined with oxygenated water.

Lemon juice: we strongly advise against using lemon to have white teeth.

Vegetable charcoal: this black powder has a strong abrasive power. Not recommended, as it will wear out the enamel of your teeth prematurely.

"Whiteness" toothpastes should be used selectively, as some are very abrasive and can damage your teeth over a long period of time due to their high rate of abrasion.

On the market, you will also find many whitening dental products called “home bleaching”, which use lemon, activated carbon, baking soda, among other things:

whitening toothpaste

Gutters and whitening product

Whitening lamp with whitening gel

Whitening strips and pen

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