Almond honey rolls



Bastille paper: 10 sheets

Almonds: 2 cups (peeled and ground)

Sugar: 2 cups

Vanilla: 1 teaspoon

Blossom water: 2 tablespoons (perfume)

Cinnamon: Pinch

Blossom water: spray

How to prepare

1. Mix the blanched almonds and marshmallow or kaochau, cups of hardened sugar, the rose water fragrance and a small pinch of cinnamon.

2. Mix all with blossom water until we get a soft dough from which we form long fingers. We take the diol paper, divide the paper by 2 in each half of the leaf with tails, in which we work the filling and roll it with fingers, and in the end we paste the egg whites so that they do not open in the frying heat the oil and fry them on a medium heat until it turns red and decorate the almonds on the sides.

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